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Employment attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh is an aggressive trial attorney who serves Buena Park, California. The City of Buena Park is located at the northwest edge of Orange County, and it is home to approximately 83,000 residents. Located within Orange County, off the 91 and 5 Freeway, Buena Park is home to a booming restaurant and hospitality industry. Popular attractions are found within this locality’s “Entertainment Corridor,” including Knott’s Berry Farm, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure, Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, and other entertainment-centered developments, which have further influenced additional job creation and tourism. Yash Law Group has assisted many Buena Park residents enforce their wage and hour rights and other labor rights in cases against businesses, including lawsuits alleging retaliation and discrimination for complaining about unpaid wages and not receiving meal and rest breaks. Employees who work at Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park Mall, Buena Park Auto Center, Los Coyotes Country Club, and similar, large businesses should ensure they know and protect their rights under California law and federal law, including the right to sick leave, pregnancy leave, disability leave, and right to accommodations. An experienced employment attorney can help.

Orange County Employment Lawyer Serving Buena Park, Fullerton, and Santa Ana

Our labor and employment law group focuses its practice primarily on employment and labor litigation, such as claims involving unpaid wages, meal and rest break violations, unreimbursed business expenses, and waiting time penalties, referred to as “wage and hour claims.” Wage and hour claims can be brought against Buena Park businesses in Orange County Superior Court of California in Santa Ana, California or before the California Labor Commissioner, which has its Orange County district office in Santa Ana, California.

Buena Park labor and employment attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh has represented employees, workers, and independent contractors in wage dispute claims. They may, knowingly or unknowingly, be deprived of basic labor rights, such as the right to pay for all hours worked. A common mistake employees make is they are unclear what wage and hour rights are afforded to them and what they are legally entitled to. Here are some examples of wage and hour violations that occur, which may not be easily detected or known to employees:

  • If an employee is not provided a meal break or rest break on a given day, the employee is entitled to an additional hour of pay as a premium for the meal break violation and another premium for the rest break violation. In other words, the meal and rest period premiums are cumulative. Employers violate the law when they fail to pay both premiums for each workday that a meal and rest break is not provided.
  • If an employee has her 30-minute meal period interrupted or it is not made reasonably available to the employee before the start of the sixth hour of work, a meal break violation has occurred.
  • If an employee is paid a non-discretionary bonus, such as a merit-based bonus, the calculation of the employee’s overtime rate must account for the bonus.

Violation of Labor Code wage and hour rights may entitle the employee to recover damages, penalties, interest, and attorney’s fees in court or through administrative proceedings. The employee can try to recover the relief in court as a representative in a “class action,” which is a procedural device that allows the employee to pursue recovery on behalf of other similarly situated employees, too. If the employee seeks recovery in an administrative wage complaint filed with the California Labor Commissioner, certain damages, penalties, and attorney’s fees may not be recoverable.

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Wage dispute attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh serves Buena Park, CA and is experienced in lawsuits involving Labor Code violations against small and large businesses. Employees from Buena Park, CA who have not been paid all wages or were not provided 30-minute meal breaks and 10-minute rest breaks during their employment can seek justice and compensation. If you live or work in Buena Park, California and are owed overtime wages, tips, or premiums, contact the wage attorney and retaliation lawyer at Yash Law Group, who champions workers’ rights and has represented workers throughout California. He also has represented employees in pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, race discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation cases.

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