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You started your business because you had an idea, service, or skill that you knew other people would be willing to pay for. It is likely that you know everything about your product, and have a passion for the service your business provides. However, many business owners can become overwhelmed when it comes to the legal side of owning a business. If you have more than five employees in California, there are complex employment and labor laws you must abide by, or risk facing stiff penalties. Even if you only employ a single employee, you must understand what obligations are imposed by the California Business and Professions Code, Labor Code, and Government Code. Yash Law Group, business attorneys focused on California labor law. Yash Law Group is here to help you stay in compliance, so you can focus on your business. Contact our Los Angeles labor law and business attorney today.

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Business Attorney Helping Employers Stay Compliant With State Laws

Most business owners do not have a deep understanding of employment and labor laws. Employment law is highly complex, and to learn everything that is necessary about it without assistance would be very difficult. However, ignorance of the law does not excuse employers from following it; the state of California may fine you up to $10,000, if you are found to be in violation of certain wage and hour laws. Yash Law Group understands that your intentions are to provide a productive and positive work space for your employees. We are here to assist you with your legal needs to ensure your business stays compliant with all laws. Some of the areas our business attorneys assist with include:

  • Employee Hiring and Termination Compliance
  • Wage and Hour Compliance
  • Medical Leave Compliance
  • Employee manuals
  • Wage disputes, Discrimination, and Harassment Complaints

As a business owner, you have many things that demand your attention. Allow us to worry about your business’s legal needs, so you can focus on the areas you are an expert in- growing your business. Contact our office today and learn more about how we may assist you.

Our Los Angeles Business Attorneys Focus on Changes in Compliance Laws so you can Focus on Business

Yash Law Group focuses on employment and labor laws, so we are constantly up to date in the changes that are occurring. As a business owner, it is nearly impossible for you to keep up with these constantly changing laws- but being caught out of compliance can be a costly mistake. Our Los Angeles business attorney Jesse Singh is dedicated to helping you with the legal details of hiring employees, correctly classifying and paying them, handling complaints, and dealing with any insurance issues. You will never have to worry that you are inadvertently breaking a law, which will protect you from costly civil lawsuits. Our law group firmly believes in helping small business owners and wants your business to succeed. Contact us today.

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As a new business owner, I needed an attorney who could not only help me with the legal issues facing my business but also help me understand those issues and improve my business. Attorney Jesse Singh has done an exceptional job, and he continues to be an asset to my business. Yash Law Group has...

H. P.

I was very satisfied with Yash Law Group. Attorney Jesse Singh fought very hard to help me recover more money than I expected.

S. S.

I was referred to Yash Law Group by a friend. From day one,
Attorney Jesse Singh was extremely proactive in handling my case. He
was also great about responding to my questions and concerns. Just
a few months after I hired Jesse, he helped get all the claims against
my business dismissed.


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