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If a current or former employee has filed a complaint against you and/or your business with a government agency or in court, you should take their accusations very seriously. An employee who claims he or she was wrongfully treated or terminated or alleges that you have violated wage-and-hour laws will seek “damages” against you and/or your California corporation or LLC. If the employee is successful, you may also be subject to a number of additional expenses, including paying the employee’s attorneys’ fees. If an employee has filed a complaint against you in state or federal court or with a state or federal agency, do not wait. Call Los Angeles lawyer Jesse Singh of Yash Law Group today and learn more about your legal options. Yash Law Group has successfully defended employers in lawsuits throughout California, including Riverside and Orange Counties.

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The State of California provides some of the strictest employment and labor laws out of any state in the nation. The laws must be properly understood by employers and employees. Among other requirements, the laws mandate that employees follow strict rules when filing a complaint, whether it be for harassment, retaliation, a wage dispute, etc. For example, a retaliation or wrongful termination claim requires employees to first tell the employer about the wrongdoing by following company dispute policies, if any exist, and give the employer the opportunity to correct the wrongdoing. If an employee makes a complaint with your human resources person or files a complaint with the California Superior Court, do not take the complaint lightly. Our experienced employment and labor attorney may be able to negotiate deal with the employee in order to correct the issue or to compromise an early resolution with the employee that requires the employee to voluntarily resign from the company.

Attorney Jesse Singh will listen to the employee’s complaint, determine if the complaint is justifiable, and provide an objective solution to correct the problem. We will protect the employer from opening themselves up to a costly civil suit and help to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. We are able to generate confidentiality agreements, settlement agreements, or help employers take appropriate disciplinary action against other employees when necessary. Call us today if an employee has made an internal complaint and avoid costly litigation issues in the future.

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There are times when an agreement cannot be reached between an employer and an employee before a lawsuit is file. If an employee chooses to file a formal complaint with a government agency or a court, the employee might either pursue a case against you through the agency or skip that step altogether and proceed immediately in court. In either forum, our Los Angeles attorney, who is known for his aggressive litigation strategies, is prepared to aggressively defend you, including at trial. To prevail at trial, the employee bears the burden of proof and, therefore, must prove all elements of his or her claim. As a defendant, the employer need only disprove one element of the employee’s claim or present one affirmative defense to defeat a claim. During litigation and at trial, Yash Law Group will present any relevant evidence proving that your business took all steps legally required to comply with the law and remedy the dispute at hand. We will call witnesses and present all viable arguments and affirmative defenses on your behalf. Losing a civil suit may result in having to pay damages, attorney fees, fines, and other monetary punishments. Do not go unrepresented. Yash Law Group can serve as an ethical, zealous advocate for you. Contact our firm today.

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