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Employment law attorneys understand that employment and labor law touches people’s everyday lives in many ways. For employees, there is nothing worse than being stripped of dignity in the workplace. For an employer, endless time and effort is devoted to the success of a business. Yash Law Group is an Orange County, California law firm that provides support to both employees and employer, in an effort to ensure that places of employment run smoothly. By protecting employees in Los Angeles, Riverside, and other cities who have had their rights violated, and by protecting employers in Brea, Fullerton, and other cities against complaints of noncompliance with state and federal employment law, Yash Law Group ensures that the workplace functions in a smooth and efficient manner, which benefits everyone. Labor law lawyer Jesse Singh is ready to assist you whether your are an employee who has been mistreated or if you are an employer seeking help with business and labor law issues. Contact our Brea, California office today.

Los Angeles labor lawyer providing legal services to Orange County employees and consumers who are mistreated or subject to violations of California law

A strong local community depends on a good relationship between workers and employers. We are an Orange County law firm committed to aggressively protecting employees who feel disempowered by their working conditions. California has many laws in place which protect the rights of hourly workers, and employers must abide by them. In spite of these laws, the rights of many employees are violated, and these workers fear they will lose their job if they take action. Orange County employment law lawyer Jesse Singh has experience righting wrongs on behalf of those who were taken unfair advantage of at work. We can help protect your job and help seek monetary recovery while you look for a new and exciting venture, while ensuring that you and your coworkers can work in a working environment that is in compliance with state and federal laws. Some of the areas of employment and labor law that we assist with include:

If you feel that you have been abused, not paid for all wages owed to you, unfairly let go from your position, or want to know more about your rights, employment law lawyer Jesse Singh may be able to help. Our initial consultations are free of charge, and during our first meeting we will learn about your case. Our Los Angeles employment attorney handles all matters in our office personally and ensures that the path you are on is the best way to proceed.

Business law attorney providing compliance assistance to Orange County, California employers

In addition to protecting Orange County, California employees, Yash Law Group assists employers throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles counties, among others, who need help understanding and complying with business contracts and labor laws. It is difficult for small- and medium-size business owners to keep up with changing state and federal labor regulations. And it can be difficult for any business when vendors or partners decide not to perform their end of a contract as they promised. If you are not up to speed and not taking the right steps, then you are opening your business up to costly lawsuits and fines. Business and employment lawyer Jesse Singh is here to help. We assist business owners in a number of areas including:

  • Assisting with compliance with state and federal employment and labor laws
  • Representing business owners in contract disputes with vendors and partners
  • Defending businesses against employee complaints or in civil litigation
  • Performing audits of payroll and employee records and of compliance issues

As a business owner, you already have a great deal to focus on. When you hire our business and labor law attorney, we worry about the legal end of your business so you can focus on your product. Jesse Singh offers individualized solutions for all of your business’s needs. Contact our Orange County employment law attorney today, 714-494-6244 or online.

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As a new business owner, I needed an attorney who could not only help me with the legal issues facing my business but also help me understand those issues and improve my business. Attorney Jesse Singh has done an exceptional job, and he continues to be an asset to my business. Yash Law Group has provided high quality services at a very affordable rate. Harry P.
I was very satisfied with Yash Law Group. Attorney Jesse Singh fought very hard to help me recover more money than I expected. S. Singh
I was referred to Yash Law Group by a friend. From day one, Attorney Jesse Singh was extremely proactive in handling my case. He was also great about responding to my questions and concerns. Just a few months after I hired Jesse, he helped get all the claims against my business dismissed. Kathy
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