Whistleblower Workplace Discrimination – Attorney Preventing Retaliation for “Whistle Blowing”

Companies must abide by laws and regulations. Employers must pay workers at least minimum wage, provide a safe work environment, must not tolerate discrimination, and must abide by all state and federal laws. California protects employees who file a complaint or “blow the whistle,” whistleblowers, on companies which violate these laws. This means any employee who files a complaint disclosing something that their company is doing wrong cannot be punished or retaliated against by their employer. If you have been fired for whistle blowing, or are afraid to file a complaint against your employer due to fear of whistleblower retaliation, Yash Law Group can help. Contact our Los Angeles office today. We service all of Orange County.

Labor Lawyer Helping Los Angeles Workers Navigate the Process of Filing a Complaint and Preventing Retaliation for Whistle Blowing

When people hear the term “whistleblower” the scenes from Hollywood movies often come to mind. People may think that means a company is engaging in truly devious and illegal activity. Whistle blowing comes in many forms, and can be for relatively simple issues. Examples of whistle blowing complaints protected by law include:

  • Providing information to a government or law enforcement agency regarding a company’s violation or noncompliant behavior
  • An employee who refuses to participate in activity at work that violates a state or federal law
  • Filling a complaint with a government agency regarding working conditions or hours
  • Filing a complaint with a government agency regarding discrimination or harassment complaints
  • Testifying or cooperating with an official investigation
  • Filing an internal complaint for any reason with a Human Resources representative

If you have engaged in any of the above whistle-blowing, your employer cannot retaliate against you. Whistleblower retaliation may take the form of being let go form your position, being suspended, disciplined, receiving a negative performance evaluation, demoted, having your hours cut, or being switched to a less desirable shift. If you have been retaliated against then you should contact an attorney immediately.

Our Los Angeles employment lawyer aggressively protects the rights of whistleblowers. The first step will be to explore whether to file a formal complaint against your company with a governmental agency, such as the EEOC or DFEH. Employees generally have six months following a retaliatory incident to file a complaint, so do not hesitate. Contact our office today.

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