Client Reviews

Attorney Jesse Singh was referred to me by a friend. I decided to hire him after our first phone call. I knew he would aggressively fight for me, and he definitely did. He called and emailed me pretty regularly with updates about the case. He very carefully explained every step of the process for my legal claim. In the end, I am very satisfied with Yash Law Group and Attorney Jesse Singh. I highly recommend them. Thank you Jesse!!!

M. T.

When I called Yash Law Group, I immediately reached Attorney Jesse Singh to discuss my potential case. At first, I wasn’t even sure if I had a case. But Attorney Jesse Singh listened to my story, and he explained the legal options that were available to me. I choose to hire Attorney Jesse Singh because he showed that he cared about my goals and I knew he would get me a positive outcome. I highly recommend Attorney Jesse Singh and Yash Law Group.

K. K.

Lawyer Jesse Singh works very hard for his clients and will make sure he gets the best possible outcome for your case. He is very educated and patient, which is something I appreciate very much. He pushed very hard for my case, educated me on my rights that were being violated, and doesn't take no for an answer! He did a great job walking me through my stressful situation and answered all of my questions. If you need great legal representation, Jesse is the way to go!

B. H.

Attorney Jesse Singh listened to my goals and helped me achieve a great results. No matter how hard my case was he was able to achieve great results for me and kept me informed every step of the way on the status of the case. He was very knowledgeable and no matter what question or what time it was he was readily available to help and guide me throughout this process. I highly recommend Yash Law Group!

R. V.

An exceptional labor attorney experienced and capable of handling both sides of the aisle. He can effectively represent both employers and employees and understands the important dynamics and needs of both sides. An honest and decent attorney and human being. I highly recommend him!

S. R.

I hired Attorney Yashdeep "Jesse" Singh to assist me with multiple employment matters. He helped me achieve great results. He was very knowledgeable about meal and rest breaks and discrimination and paid close attention to the details of my particular case. I highly recommend Yash Law Group.

D. S.

Client Reviews

As a new business owner, I needed an attorney who could not only help me with the legal issues facing my business but also help me understand those issues and improve my business. Attorney Jesse Singh has done an exceptional job, and he continues to be an asset to my business. Yash Law Group has...

H. P.

I was very satisfied with Yash Law Group. Attorney Jesse Singh fought very hard to help me recover more money than I expected.

S. S.

I was referred to Yash Law Group by a friend. From day one,
Attorney Jesse Singh was extremely proactive in handling my case. He
was also great about responding to my questions and concerns. Just
a few months after I hired Jesse, he helped get all the claims against
my business dismissed.


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