Disability Discrimination

Disability Discrimination – Having a physical or mental disability comes with real-life barriers. Too often a person might make an incorrect assumption about what a person with a disability is capable of. That is why state and federal laws exist to protect the rights of individuals with disabilities. If you have a disability and have experienced discrimination from employers on account of your disability, you do not have to feel helpless. Jesse Singh of Yash Law Group is a Los Angeles attorney who has a successful track record in winning favorable outcomes for clients who have faced disability discrimination. Call today for a free consultation.

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Along with the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) in California, the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) also protects employees with disabilities. The ADA is a federal law which states that employers cannot discriminate against a qualified worker with a disability and must provide reasonable accommodations to qualified workers. The ADA covers workers with mental and physical disabilities, protects those with previous disabilities, and protects those whom an employer may incorrectly assume has a disability. The act further specifies that a qualified worker is a person who is capable of performing the essential duties of a job, with our without a reasonable accommodation. America recognizes that one should not face discrimination due to disability and both the FEHA and the ADA protect people in the workplace.

It is not uncommon for employers to require education when it comes to what a “reasonable accommodation” is, and how they may provide it. The FEHA and the ADA protects employers from providing accommodations that may cause “undue hardship” but it is estimated that the majority of accommodations cost less than $500.00. Examples of a reasonable accommodation may be:

  • Modifying an employee’s nonessential duties
  • Providing the employee with extra help
  • Improving accessibility by installing ramps and widening doors
  • Moving an employee’s office or desk closer to the front door or restroom
  • Modifying an employee’s work hours to accommodate medical appointments
  • Purchasing specialty equipment or ergonomic chairs

If an employer is having difficulty finding an appropriate accommodation, our office can help mediate the “interactive process.” The law requires employers and employees to have formal or informal discussions regarding possible accommodations. The employer is required to listen to an employee’s proposal, engage in ongoing communication, and cannot outright refuse an accommodation that does not constitute undue hardship. Our office is ready to assist you in negotiations with your employer and, if negotiations break down or have broken down, we will take the necessary steps to prevent further workplace indignities. Call our Los Angeles office today to speak with Orange County ADA lawyer Jesse Singh.

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Jesse Singh founded Yash Law Group because he is passionate about improving the business community in Southern California and advancing working conditions for all people. Jesse believes that all cases deserve the same amount of time and attention, regardless of size or the client’s background or status. He ensures that clients get all of their questions answered and are informed of all of their legal options. Unlike larger firms that churn out hundreds of cases at a time, Jesse ensures that each case receives individual attention. For more information on how Yash Law Group may assist you, contact us by phone or email today, (714) 494-6244.

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