Workplace Harassment

A respectful and accepting work environment is important to both employee’s well-being, and the overall productivity and morale of an office environment. It is always in an employer’s best interest to ensure that employees do not feel as though they are being harassed or uncomfortable at work. As one of the first states to introduce anti-bullying legislation, California takes harassment in the workplace very seriously. If you have been bullied due to your status as part of a protected group, there are steps you can take to remedy your situation. Contact our office today and learn more about how we can help you. Our Orange County labor law attorney stands up against workplace harassment.

Employment Lawyer Taking Action Against Verbal Bullying and Other Workplace Harassment Throughout Los Angeles

Sometimes it is difficult to know if the behavior that is happening at work crosses the line into illegal territory. A co-worker who is simply mean or rude is not necessarily guilty of bullying. Verbal harassment occurs when a boss or co-worker verbally makes fun of, belittles, puts down, threatens, or otherwise causes emotional injury to a person due to their status as part of a legally protected group. Target areas that are protected from workplace harassment include:

  • Race and national origin
  • Sexual orientation
  • Physical and mental disability status
  • Medical conditions
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Age (if over 40)

If you believe you have been the target of harassment then it is important that you follow certain steps or you may risk losing the right to file a complaint. Contact an attorney immediately to ensure your rights remain protected.

Our Los Angeles employment law firm aggressively protect against workplace harassment. Among other things, we may draft a letter to your employer detailing your complaint and request that they take action. Sometimes this is enough for your employer to correct or take action against the harassment, and a more aggressive legal response is not required. The biggest mistake employee’s often make is to quit their job first, and then disclose the behavior. Don’t make this mistake and give up your rights when we may be able to help you. Contact attorney Jesse Singh today. We protect workers through Orange County, California.

Attorney Advocating for Orange County Employees who Have Suffered Sexual or Physical Harassment

Physical and sexual harassment are always illegal in the workplace. Sexual harassment may include unwanted sexual advances, pressure for sexual favors in exchange for workplace benefits, or verbal harassment. Physical harassment may include assault or physically being restrained, blocked, or prevented from moving freely due to a protected status. Our business attorneys can help Orange County and Los Angeles County residents navigate the process of filing a complaint, and can help you determine if a criminal complaint is also appropriate. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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