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Trial law firm Yash Law Group serves Downey, California in employment and business litigation. Downey, CA is located twelve miles southeast of Los Angeles, along the 105 freeway between the 605 and 710 freeways; it is part of Los Angeles County. The city boasts a wide array of public recreational parks and sports fields, which is the home field for many youth in recreational programs. The city is home to Downey Courthouse, located on Imperial Highway, where criminal cases are heard. Employment lawyer Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh has represented employees and businesses in Downey Courthouse in many cases, including cases involving overcharging or false pricing in violation of California Business & Professions Code brought by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Downey, California is home to companies in the automotive and restaurant industries, including the oldest operational McDonald’s restaurant in the world. The Columbia Memorial Space Center, a science museum owned and operated by Downey, California, is also located in the city. Among the top employers within this locality are Kaiser Permanente, the Stonewood Shopping Center, and the Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center, which are subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Pregnancy Disability Leave Act, the California Family Rights Act, and the Family & Medical Leave Act.

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Our Orange County law group provides experienced legal services in employment and labor litigation, such as wage and hour disputes and discrimination claims arising in Downey, CA. An employee, whether “at will” or not, deserves protection from discrimination or other mistreatment by an employer. Although employers have the right to terminate an “at will” employee for no reason at all, an employer cannot terminate an “at will” employee for unlawful reasons. For example, employers are prohibited from treating employees differently or unfairly based on characteristics protected under the law, such as race, gender, age, and disability.

Discrimination attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh has represented workers in the Downey region who have experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace based on gender, sex, and pregnancy and helped them seek compensation. Harassment and discrimination include the following forms of unfair treatment:

  • An employee who was pregnant and then suffered a pregnancy-related disability was terminated immediately after extending her leave of absence from work
  • The boss of an employee made lewd and insulting comments to the employee about her physical appearance and sent her inappropriate text messages well after work hours
  • After delivering a newborn, an employee returned to work only to be given a lower job position, which was inferior in pay and responsibility to the position she held before she went on maternity leave, and was deprived of lactation accommodation
  • The manager at a small business promised an employee job benefits if she agreed to date the manager

All of the foregoing misconduct violates the law, including the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), of which the Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) is a part. Decades after the laws prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace were enacted, employees continue to be mistreated on protected basis. Enforcing these laws is critical to advancing the workplace and achieving justice for workers.

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Downey labor attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh is a trial attorney well-versed in cases involving sexual harassment claims and other claims involving harassment, discrimination, or retaliation. If you believe you have been treated unfairly at work, contact the wage dispute and termination lawyer at Yash Law Group, who fights for employees’ rights and works to obtain justice and compensation for them. He also has represented employees in retaliation, unpaid wages, meal period violations, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, age discrimination, and race discrimination cases.

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