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Labor law firm Yash Law Group serves the city of Santa Ana, CA and provides legal services in employment and labor matters. Santa Ana is the metropolitan hub of Orange County. This colorful community is known for its diverse population exceeding 330,000—the second largest in the county. Historic Downtown Santa Ana is a mecca for small and family owned businesses, local arts, and is home to the Santa Ana Civic Center, the judicial center for all of Orange County. The Central Justice Center and the Civil Complex Center courthouses of the Orange County Superior Court of California are located in Santa Ana, California. Labor lawyer Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh has represented parties in wage-and-hour disputes and class actions that were venued at the Central Justice Center and Civil Complex Center of the Orange County Superior Court. He has also appeared in administrative proceedings before the Santa Ana, CA district offices of the California Labor Commissioner and California Employment Development Department (EDD).

Santa Ana, CA is home to approximately 30,000 businesses, with the top 25 businesses generating approximately 25% of the jurisdiction’s total sales tax revenue. (City of Santa Ana, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, 2019.) Popular attractions and retail centers in Santa Ana, California include the art walk, Downtown Arts District, MainPlace Mall, the world-renowned Bowers Museum, the Discovery Science Center, and the Santa Ana Zoo. Prominent companies have headquartered their offices in Santa Ana also, such as companies within the paint, optics, and banking industries.

Orange County Labor Lawyer Serving Brea, Fullerton, and Santa Ana

Our Orange County law group primarily focuses its practice on employment and labor litigation, such as claims involving unpaid wages, meal and rest break violations, and unreimbursed business expenses arising from the Santa Ana area. Wage and hour disputes are especially prevalent in Santa Ana, California given the number of businesses in the diverse city and the convenient location of the courthouse and California Labor Commissioner.

Santa Ana labor and employment attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh has represented many employees, workers, and independent contractors in lawsuits asserting wage and hour violations under the California Labor Code. In evaluating hundreds of employment cases, attorney Jesse Singh has discovered that employees are often deprived of wages and compliant lunch and rest breaks without even being aware of the unlawful policies and practices. Here are some common examples of policies and practices that violate the Labor Code and may be prosecuted in a civil lawsuit:

  • A company-wide policy requires employees to perform tasks before clocking in for work or after clocking out for work, commonly referred to as “off the clock” work, without compensation.
  • A store-wide policy requires employees to “waive” their 30-minute meal periods when working an eight-hour shift in a retail store or restaurant. Such a waiver is generally illegal.
  • A company-wide practice is to require employees to use their personal cell phone to respond to emails or group chats without receiving reimbursement for the data usage on their cell phones.

All of these procedures and practices violate the California Labor Code and may entitle the employee to recover damages, penalties, interest, and attorney’s fees. Employees can recover relief through representative and class actions, which allow employees to pursue recovery on behalf of themselves and other similarly situated employees. An experienced class action lawyer can help with seeking recovery.

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Santa Ana wage dispute attorney Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh is experienced in lawsuits involving Labor Code violations against employers. Employees from Santa Ana, CA who have not been paid all wages or were not reimbursed for business expenses (such as gas, mileage, or data usage on cell phone) can seek justice and compensation. If you live or work in Santa Ana, California and are owed wages, contact the wage attorney and discrimination lawyer at Yash Law Group, who fights for upholding employees’ rights and aggressively represents workers in California. He also represents employees in sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, disability or lactation accommodation, wrongful termination, and retaliation cases.

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