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Yashdeep “Jesse” Singh is a strong advocate and attorney who serves employees and consumers in Pomona, CA. Pomona is located between the San Gabriel Valley and the Inland Empire. Housing over 151,000 individuals, Pomona is known as the seventh largest city in the County of Los Angeles. This vibrant city is known as the economic leader in citrus due to its rich history of fertile soil. In Pomona, you will find numerous museums and attractions such as the Pomona Ebell Museum of History, American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona Fox Theater, the Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, and the Pomona Fairplex – which annually hosts the wildly popular L.A. County Fair. Nationally ranked Cal Poly Pomona also has a campus in Pomona and regularly enrolls more than 25,000 students, who largely reside near the campus.

Pomona Courthouse is also located in Pomona, California. Both civil and criminal cases are heard in this courthouse, including civil disputes involving harassment, retaliation, and unpaid wages. Major companies in various industries are located in Pomona, including Keystone Automotive Industries and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, which are subject to the Fair Employment and Housing Act, the Pregnancy Disability Leave Act, the California Family Rights Act, and the California Labor Code. There are also residential hotels located in Pomona, California and surrounding cities, including Azusa and Downey, where guests have been known to be subjected to the unlawful 28-day shuffle

Aggressive Retaliation Attorney Covering Downey, Whittier, and Azusa

Employment and business law firm Yash Law Group has significant experience with employment and labor litigation throughout Los Angeles County. It has brought and prevailed in civil suits alleging unpaid overtime wages, failure to provide meal and rest periods, unpaid commissions and tips, and failure to reimburse for business expenses. These violations could occur as a result of unlawful practices including but not limited to the following:

  • Misclassification of employees as exempt who should be paid overtime
  • Failing to pay an employee all wages for travel time or reimburse the employee for mileage and gas
  • Earned sick time or vacation pay violations
  • Paying nothing for work performed off-the-clock or beyond a scheduled shift

Employees have “whistleblower” protection to complain about any wage and hour violations to their employers. The California Labor Code contains anti-retaliation provisions that make it illegal for an employer to fire, demote, suspend, or take any other adverse employment action against the employee who complains. An employer who retaliates against an employee may be liable for unpaid wages as well as emotional and mental distress damages. The employee may also be entitled to reinstatement of the employee’s job.

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California Labor Codes can be difficult to understand as they are complex and constantly changing. Nevertheless, all employees subjected to Labor Code violations have legal options. If you live or work in Pomona, California and are owed wages, tips, or commission, contact the wage attorney and harassment lawyer at Yash Law Group, who champions workers’ rights and represents employees who are victims of wage abuse.

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