Residential Hotels Illegally Evicting Guests

Orange County Law Group Prosecuting Class Actions For Unlawful 28-Day Shuffle Policy

Guests come to hotels in California from all over the world. Some stay overnight. Others stay for extended periods. The rights they might have as a guest at the hotel can change based on the length of their stay. Yash Law Group protects victims of hotels all over Southern and Northern California who are forced to vacate hotels every 25 to 28 days and are deprived of their rights as lawful tenants of the hotels.

Certain hotels in California, referred to as residential hotels, are intended or designed to be used by guests as primary residences. Guests commonly stay in the same unit at residential hotels for 30 or more consecutive days. The hotel unit will include a bed, bathroom, kitchen, refrigerator, and stove. And guests may receive their own mailbox at the hotel. Residential hotels are located in neighborhoods and cities all over California, including in the cities of Anaheim, Azusa, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

When a person stays for 30 or more consecutive days at a residential hotel, she is a tenant of the hotel. Once a guest become a tenant, she is entitled to greater rights and protections. Unlike short-term occupants of hotels, tenants are protected by landlord-tenant laws. These laws guarantee them the right to notice and unlawful detainer proceedings before they can be evicted, even when they are staying at a hotel.

Owner and operators of residential hotels perpetrate what is referred to as the 28-day shuffle policy to avoid creating a landlord-tenant relationship with their guests. They force guests to move out, or check out and re-register, at the hotel before the expiration of 30 consecutive days of occupancy; often guests are forced out every 28 days, thus the “28-day shuffle.” By doing so, hotel owners and operators can evict guests, and remove their personal property, immediately without having to file unlawful detainer proceedings against the guest. Such policies are illegal in California.

Under this unlawful policy, consumers are forced to vacate their units every 25 to 28 days for 24 hours and pay the hotel a storage fee to leave their personal property in their units. They then return to their unit the next day for another 25 to 28 days. This can continue for months or years at a time. A guest might think that the hotel has the right to force her to leave because there is a written policy that is posted at the hotel or the guest signs or because the 28-day shuffle policy is written on guest registration cards. But the written policy does not make the hotel’s conduct lawful.

Aggressive Class Action Attorney Provides Legal Representations to Hotel Guests and Victims of the 28-Day Shuffle

Business attorney Jesse Singh has successfully litigated lawsuits on behalf of thousands of hotel guests who were forced to vacate their units at hotels every 28 days. The lawsuits were brought on behalf of the client individually and on behalf of others guests who stayed at the same hotel. A hotel guest or tenant who is subject to the 28-day shuffle may recover a penalty of $500 for each violation.

If you stayed at a California hotel and were forced to leave or vacate before 30 consecutive days of occupancy, contact our law office today for a free consultation.

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