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Southern California Attorney Protecting Consumers Involved in Premises Liability Injuries

Consumers visit stores and restaurants in their communities expecting a safe and enjoyable experience. But the experience can sour quickly when a customer is injured due to the business’s carelessness or intentional disregard of its duties. There are laws, statutes, and codes that businesses must comply with in order to ensure the health and safety of workers and customers. Courts often hold a company responsible when accidents happen on or near their premises. If you are an Orange County resident who has been injured while frequenting a local business then contact our Los Angeles attorney today to learn how we can help you.

Legal Group Representing Los Angeles Residents in “Slip and Fall” Cases

Southern California businesses owe a duty of care to guests and visitors. They are are responsible for keeping their stores, and, in turn, their visitors, safe from dangerous conditions. But accidents happen. Slip and fall cases generally involve people who have injured themselves in an establishment by tripping or falling due to torn carpeting, a change in the flooring, poor lighting, a narrow or steep staircase, or a wet floor. Businesses which have allowed such conditions to exist may be held liable for these accidents if the owner “reasonably” should have known of the danger and he or she failed to take reasonable steps to correct it. Injuries from slip and fall cases can be massive, even though the victim may not be immediately aware of the injury. If you have been injured while visiting a store or restaurant, contact an attorney immediately.

Our aggressive Los Angeles lawyer protects Orange County residents injured by slip and fall accidents. Once retained, we will begin the process of gathering evidence which proves the company’s negligence and will send a demand to the company that your damages be paid. If necessary we will file a lawsuit and represent your slip and fall cases in court. We will utilize what is referred to as “discovery” to build your case as quickly as possible. And if necessary, we will work with experienced engineers who can assess whether the company has complied with applicable building and safety codes. Trying to recover money from a large corporation for your injuries can be daunting and intimidating, so do not attempt to handle it alone. Contact our Los Angeles law office today.

Attorney Aggressively Advocating for Orange County Customers Suffering Injuries due to a Company’s Negligence

Besides slip and fall cases, unsafe and dangerous conditions may also be created through a company’s poor hiring practices, dangerously designed products, and substandard security, especially in high-crime areas. A business’s responsibility to its customer extends to hiring employees who are qualified and fit for their jobs, properly training employees in health and safety issues, and implementing property security measures. We are prepared to fight large corporations that subject its customers and workers to hazardous conditions. If a lawsuit is filed, our Orange County attorney will use discovery to gather information about the company’s accident and safety protocols, its hiring practices, and whether there have been any prior incidents at the store involving health and safety issues. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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