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A person who provides a good or service that is offered to the public is obligated to be truthful about what they are selling. State and federal laws protect consumers from dishonest business persons who abuse a person’s trust or sell a product that is not as advertised. Our office specializes in litigating class action lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who have been wronged by consumer fraud. If you believe you have been scammed, overcharged, or deceived as part of a business transaction, contact our office today for a free consultation.

Class Action Lawsuits Bringing Justice for Fraud Victims

Consumer fraud may come in many forms. Typically, consumer fraud occurs if you purchase a product that does not work as advertised, you are purposefully overcharged for a good or service, you are a victim of a fraud scheme, your identity is stolen to make purchases under your name, or you pay for a service you never receive. Sometimes the amount lost can be devastating, sometimes the amount lost is relatively small, and the consumer feels embarrassed. Hiring a litigation attorney who is experienced in class action lawsuits is beneficial for two reasons; it helps you recover any monetary loss you incurred, and it prevents the person who is committing fraud from harming other people.

Many people are hesitant to hire a lawyer when they have been defrauded, either because the loss does not seem significant, or they are embarrassed of being manipulated. This is why class action lawsuits may be a preferable solution. When a person commits consumer fraud, they generally take advantage of a large number of people. In a class action suit, many plaintiffs who have suffered the same injury have their case tried together against the defendant. Even if your monetary loss is small, this is a way to get justice, prevent the offender from hurting others, and does not require a great deal of time from the majority of the plaintiffs. It can also be a healing experience for those who are ashamed of being fraud victims to see that the person who has hurt them has a great deal of experience in duping others. If you have been a victim of consumer fraud, do not hesitate. You have nothing to lose from having your case heard. Call us today.

Class Action Law Group Protecting Victims of Similar Consumer Fraud

If you believe you have been the victim of consumer fraud, the first step is to schedule an appointment. Jesse Singh will listen to your story and will determine if you have a strong, actionable case. Yash Law Group will then launch a campaign to find other consumers who have suffered the same damage as you. We will ethically advertise throughout the community in order to find a number of people who have shared your experience and who wish to pursue justice. The process will not cost you anything, and will require very little of your personal time. We will also keep you updated on the process of your case and if we believe your case will qualify for a class action suit. If we are not able to acquire a strong enough number of plaintiffs, we will not drop you as a client; we will discuss your options about moving forward with your case independently. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers throughout California. Call today for a free consultation.

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As a new business owner, I needed an attorney who could not only help me with the legal issues facing my business but also help me understand those issues and improve my business. Attorney Jesse Singh has done an exceptional job, and he continues to be an asset to my business. Yash Law Group has...

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I was very satisfied with Yash Law Group. Attorney Jesse Singh fought very hard to help me recover more money than I expected.

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I was referred to Yash Law Group by a friend. From day one,
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