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Los Angeles Attorney Handling Wage and Hourly Disputes

California holds employers to an extremely high standard. Many of our state’s laws go beyond federal rules in terms of mandating employee minimum wage, vacation pay, overtime, and allowable hours. If you are a nonexempt employee, then it is likely these state employment laws apply to you. It is important to know what protections you are entitled to, your wage and hour rights, and understand how to address the situation if your employer is not in compliance with these rules. If you feel that your employer has violated state labor laws, we can help. Contact our Los Angeles office today to set up a free consultation.

Los Angeles Attorney Striving to Empower Employees With Knowledge Regarding Their Wage and Hour Rights

Wage and pay laws are extremely complex. For every law, there is a person who is exempt, a situation that may not apply, or a loophole that may be applicable to a specific employer. However, there are some basic rules of thumb that every worker who is paid by the hour should be aware of. By law, the following are true in most situations:

  • California has a minimum wage law which exceeds that of the federal government and employers must follow it.
  • Employees are entitled to time and a half overtime pay after working more than 8 hours in one day, 40 hours in one week, or after working 6 consecutive days.
  • Tipped employees are entitled to full minimum wage pay in California.
  • Employees are required to be given a 30 minute unpaid lunch unless the workday is less than 6
  • hours, and must be given a 10 minute break for every four hours worked.
  • Vacation pay is considered to be a part of a person’s wages, and is not subject to “use it or lose it” policies, forfeitures, or unreasonable caps on accruals.

If you believe your employer has violated these policies by refusing you overtime pay, minimum wage, or vacation pay, then our office is able to help. Contact our Los Angeles wage and hour rights attorney today for a free consultation and learn what your options are.

Orange County Litigator Willing to File Class Action Lawsuits for Employees who Have not Received Their Full Wage

If your employer has denied you basic rights such as overtime pay, it is unlikely that you are the only employee who has been shorted. Often employers who are out of compliance have a blanket policy of refusing to adhere to worker rights and benefits, with the assumption that their employees will not take action. However, this is an incorrect assumption; there are power in numbers and the more employees willing to speak up about an injustice, the harder it is for your employer to ignore them. Yash Law Group has the experience to file and litigate a class action lawsuit on behalf of a group of employees whose wage and hourly rights have been violated. Class action lawsuits are never at the expense of the client, and may result in back pay, punitive damages, and more importantly, a bigger change to future compensation policies. If you have been denied payment that you are entitled to, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Contact our Orange County attorneys today, 714-494-6244.

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