Consumer Protection

San Bernardino County Law Group Advocating for Consumers’ Rights

With pressure on businesses to cut corners and save costs, consumers are falling victim to unfair (and well-disguised) business practices by large and small companies in California and nationwide. And because the injuries suffered by consumers are often relatively small in monetary value (such as an undisclosed $20 fee or an item that’s been artificially overpriced by a few dollars), consumers hesitate to pursue their legal rights. However, through a legal procedure known as “class actions,” Yash Law Group can prosecute companies on behalf of hundreds and thousands of consumers in one fell swoop and, at the same time, change companies’ unfair business practices, so other consumers do not fall victim to the same despicable conduct.

Jesse Singh of Yash Law Group also works to protect consumers who suffer catastrophic physical injuries while on someone else’s premises, such as a restaurant or retail store, that has unsafe and dangerous conditions. Whether injured by a poorly maintained sidewalk or by a store’s substandard construction, consumers deserve justice.

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